VELTRUP Roto-Fan® System

A high-pressure water-technology for the removal of total blockages, restrictions, scale or layers and spotless cleaning of pipes, tubes, tanks, vessels, surfaces in
industry and municipality.
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No. 2697 Guatemala St.
Barangay San Isidro
Makati City, Philippines
Tel: +(632) 845-0794 to 95;

Fax: +(632) 845-0881
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Areas of Application

  • General Industries
    • Roto-Fan® cleaning of drain-pipes in waste disposal places
    • Derubberizing with HP-Water
    • Roto-Fan® cleaning of drainpipes with concrete deposits
    • Roto-Fan-Sewer cleaning before sewer renovation
    • Roto-Fan® cleaning of heat-exchangers, encrustations: hard brittle rock, elastic, tough
    • Roto-Fan® cleaning drainage pipes in waste disposal places
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
    • Roto-Fan® cleaning of oilfield drill pipes
    • Roto-Fan® cleaning of vertical U-shaped tubes
    • Cleaning of pipe ID 100, totally blocked with bitumen, crude oil and pitch