Dellner Dampers

Dellner Dampers VELTRUP Technik Philippines, Inc. are not only involved in pipe cleaning but we are also agent of some European companies who are engaged with train related products, cables and paper industry. We cater the needs of our local clients like LRTA, METROSTAR EXPRESS, PNR, PNOC and other Government Agencies. The following are the brief descriptions of the companies that we are agency and their products that we are supplying to our clients.

Dellner Dampers specializes in solving vehicle dynamics by developing a unique damping product optimized for your specific application.Supplier of a wide range of customer standard solutions, the Dellner Dampers factory is also adapted to manufacture shock absorbers of unusual sizes and extreme specifications.

Brief History

In 2002, the Company was called Precima Development and they joined Dellner Group of Companies and duly adopted the name of Dellner that’s why the company manned as Dellner Dampers situated in Flen, Sweden.


  • Dampers for railways

    • Primary and secondary suspension

      Primary and secondary suspension
    • Roll damper (in between cars, 2 m long)

      Roll damper
    • Yaw damper

      Yaw damper
    • Secondary couple damper

    • Displacement sensitive damping

    • Fully reconditionable

  • Horizontal damper with membrane

    With an internal membrane that separates oil and gas, the Dellner damper can be mounted horizontally and work even under negative angles.

Type of Mounts

The Dellner damper can be fitted with various types of mounts, i.e. spherical rubber bushings and steel-Teflon ball bearings.

Example of Damper

Impact damper

Impact Damper Stroke length: 1500 mm
Max velocity: 20 m/s
Max Force: 350 kN


Dellner Dampers shock absorbers cater to a wide range of trains and trams world-wide. Additionally, Dellner Dampers supports specialized vehicle and industrial applications including:

  • Rolling stock bogies
  • Between car bodies
  • Couplers (hydraulic buffers and support units)
  • Harbor cranes
  • Car safety test rigs


  • Bombardier England, Germany, Sweden, Austria, France, Belgium
  • Dellner Couplers (train couplers)
  • Bromma Conquip (container spreader)
  • Alstom
  • EuroMaint (SJ Maintenance)
  • Vergnet (wind power mill)

Reference list of trains where Dellner Dampers AB is the supplier of damper

Country Customer Type of train Damper
U.S.A Adtranz Amtrak locomotive ALP44 P, L, V
New Jersey Transit P, L, V
Baltmore trolleys L, V
Sweden Adtranz RC locomotive P, L, V
X1, X6, Y3, Rb1 BC4, Ra P, L, V
X10, X12, X14 P, L, V
X2000 L, V, R
Roslagbanan L, V
OTU (Öresund) L, V, R
Norway Adtranz Airport & Express train L, V, R
Dellner Couplers Airport & Express train G
Germany Adtranz Trolley for Nürnberg & München Y
Nantes (France) Y
LHB Lirex N, G
England Bombardier / Dellner Euroline   Y
Denmark Adtranz IR4 P, V, L
Australia Adtranz EMU P, V, L
Austria Bombardier Trolley for Graz G
Korea Hitachi/Adtranz Subway V, L
Turkey Adtranz Izmir, Istanbul subway V, L
Philippines Adtranz Manila tramway V, L


  • P - Primary damper
  • L - Lateral secondary damper
  • V - Vertical secondary damper
  • Y - Yaw damper in-between car body
  • R - Roll damper in-between car body