Andreas KUFFERATH Gmbh, Germany

VELTRUP TECHNIK PHILIPPINES INC. represents ANDREAS KUFFERATH Gmbh in the Philippines. KUFFERATH was founded in 1782 in Mariaweiler near Düren, Germany. Initially the company focused on the production of moulds and bronze wires for the pre-industrial form of paper production. In the early nineteenth century the invention of the fourdrinier continuous papermaking process led to the rapid industrialization of paper manufacturing. This also marked the beginning of KUFFERATH's transformation into an industrial company.

Kufferath Three (3) Certified Divisions

  • Paper Machine Clothing Division

    Paper Machine Clothing Division

    Paper Machine Clothing division which is a core business is the design, production and worldwide sale of forming fabrics from single layers to top end structure/bound fabrics for paper manufacturing. The forming section is at the core of any paper machine. Our focus on forming fabrics allows us to continuously develop new fabric designs that meet the requirements of the world’s most demanding paper machines. KUFFERATH offers a complete range of forming fabrics for the production of all paper grades on all types of paper machines. We have excellent customer references for graphic papers, packaging papers, tissue and a large number of specialty papers.

  • TecnoWeave® Division

    TecnoWeave® Division

    TecnoWeave® division manufactures technical wirecloth for applications in- and outside the paper industry. TecnoWeave® products are used in a number of applications. For the paper industry we offer a complete program of technical wire cloth, covering most stages of paper production. For various other industries, such as the wood industry, mining, non-woven production, we can offer solutions for special applications. TecnoWeave® products are innovative and enable customers to realize significant cost and quality benefits.

  • The SOLID / LIQUID Separation Division

    The SOLID / LIQUID Separation Division

    The SOLID / LIQUID Separation division engineers and sells equipment for filtration, thickening and dewatering as well as special products for sheet formation. The SOLID/LIQUID separation division offers their customers innovative processing solutions. We have specialized know-how in Sludge dewatering, dewatering of waste materials, Dewatering of fibrous materials, Membrane filtration, Micro flotation and Sheet formation in the paper industry.

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