Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik GmbH

VELTRUP Technik Philippines We are not only involved in pipe cleaning but we are also agent of some European companies who are engaged with train related products, cables and paper industry. We cater the needs of our local clients like LRTA, METROSTAR EXPRESS, PNR, PNOC and other Government Agencies. The following are the brief descriptions of the companies that we are agency and their products that we are supplying to our clients.

Bochumer Verein is a leading manufacturer of rolling stock materials for suburban and mainline traffic. It is a medium sized, legally independent enterprise with a workforce of about 580 employees operating autonomously in the market and located in the center of Bochum, Germany. Engaged in manufacturing lightweight, silent and low-wear solid wheels and resilient low-noise wheel systems like: BO 54, BO 84, BO 2000, BO 01, and LoRa.

Brief History

  • 1842 : Founding of the company under the name of Gussstahlfabrik Mayer and Kühne.
  • 1859 : First delivery of railway tires and wheel sets.
  • 1954 : First delivery of the resilient wheel type BO 54 (also used by local Light Rail Transit Authority, Manila).
  • 1984 : Merger with Krupp Stahl AG and Klöckner Stahl GmbH under the new name Schmiedewerke Krupp-Klöckner GmbH or SKK.
  • 1988 : Merger with the processing deivision of Thyssen Henrichshütte AG under the new name Vereinigte Schmeidewerke GmbH.
  • 1994 : VSG Verkehrstechnik GmbH, VSG Enrgie-und Schmiedetechnik GmbH and Deutsche Titan GmbH hived off from Vereinigte Schmiedewerke GmbH.
  • 1998 : VSG Verkerstechnik GmbH was acquired by Georgsmarienhütte Holding GmbH and renamed as Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik GmbH.


  • Lightweight, silent and low-wear solid wheels

    Developed, calculated and designed-forged, heat treated and mechanically machined in their own workshops solid wheels and tyred wheels from Bochum are high quality products based on the state of the art and highly efficient technology.

    1. Locomotive Wheel

      Locomotive Wheel
    2. Stress balanced light weight wheel equipped with noise absorbers

      Stress balanced light weight wheel equipped with noise absorbers
    3. Lightweight web disk wheel suitable for wheel-mounted brake disks

      Lightweight web disk wheel suitable for wheel-mounted brake disks
  • Resilient, low-noise wheel systems

    For more than 50 years, the resilient wheel systems of the company proved their worth in everyday applications guaranteeing operators maximum availability. Tyres are made of low-wear materials developed in-house and thus make a major contribution towards the great success of various solutions.

    1. BO 54

      BO 54 The 'Bochum single-ring wheel' comprises a wheel tyre, the rubber elements and a one-piece web disk. It has been used in more than 200,000 commuter train applications worldwide

    2. BO 84

      BO 84 This newer version has a divided wheel body facilitating dismantling and refitting of the wheel tyre - even under the vehicle in the appropriate installation situation. Wheels of this type have been sold more than 50,000 times.

    3. BO 2000

      BO 2000 The BO 2000 is a consistent development of the BO 84 design. While retaining the uncomplicated fitting procedure, the wheel's axial rigidity has been significantly increased.

    4. BO 01

      BO 01 The highly spring-deflected double-ring wheel was specially developed for suburban railway vehicles with limited primary suspension. Unlike older double-ring wheels, this wheel can be manufactured with a smaller running tread diameter with comparable wheel loads.

    5. LoRa

      LoRa This highly spring-deflected double-ring wheel was specially developed for the high wheel set loads of modern low-floor railway vehicles. Thanks to the particular design of the wheel, load-bearing capacity could be increased by 30% over the familiar 'BO 01' type.

Wheel sets Systems are used in the area of

Main-Line Traffic Railways in :

  • high-speed trains
  • long-distance traffic
  • locomotives and electric multiple units, as well as
  • freight traffic

In Suburban Traffic in :

  • underground railways
  • light rail and tramway systems
  • Urban and regional express system

The Railway Vehicle Manufacturers that the company serves with are :

  • Alstom Transport
  • Bombardier Transportation
  • Siemens Transportation Systems
  • Stadler Rail

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