Our Equipment


The VELTRUP Roto-Fan® System cleans up to 20 times faster than conventional high pressure-water-cleaning methods. Its total cleaning ability allows the Roto-Fan® to clean any pipe fabric from graphite to steel in virtually any location or situation both thoroughly and rapidly. Scale, incrustion, bituminous or cementatous material, even total blockages can be easily removed even from very long or inaccessible lengths, around bends or siphons even in confined spaces leaving a spotless inner pipe surface that avoids built-up of encrustions for a long time.

Total Safety of Operators and Operation

This is mainly achieved by remote control working. Rotational and forward speed are predetermined and mechanically controlled so that even bursting of hoses or cracking of nozzles present no danger.

Total Environmental Protection

Total environmental protection is built in. The partical size of the arisings ensure that the displaced material is removed continuously thus ensuring that not consequential blockages occur. All the used water and wastes may be collected easily by using a special VELTRUP - designed adapter both for a controlled disposal or recycling.